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International Sports Betting: Football Teams with the Highest Bets

International Sports Betting: Football Teams with the Highest Bets

1st Feb, 2024 @ 11:26 am

The popularity of online betting is rapidly growing – as indicated in the market statistics, the industry reached $242 billion in revenue by the end of 2022. It’s predicted to grow by around 12% annually in the following years. The possibility of placing a bet increases user engagement and warms up interest in a particular championship. In the world of online sports betting international bookmakers online of NonAAMS.com provide exceptional service to punters and offer the best conditions. Moreover, collaborations with the most famous teams increase users’ excitement about the activity.


The number of events and teams to bet on is insane – so everyone can pick something suitable. However, some are more in demand than others. Multiple factors affect such a trend: more lucrative odds, the tournament’s popularity, athletes’ ratings, and so on. Let’s see which teams are most frequently chosen by sports betting lovers and the reasons for such a selection 


The Spanish team is considered among the most profitable in terms of betting. It boasts the highest odds on bookmakers’ websites: for instance, a $1,000 bet would bring punters around $25,000 income. The team’s chances of winning over Barcelona were minor – but it eventually did it, bringing bettors an 11.73x boost of the initial stake. The match against Real Madrid was also unpredictable: 11.9x odd made Cadiz an absolute outside. However, those who still risked to bet on the football club enjoyed their loud winning! The team wasn’t a favourite last season, as it only boasted 11 wins. However, several Cadiz meetings brought punters insane profits, which makes the club an absolute record holder for high bets.

Manchester City

Manchester City is an undeniable leader in terms of betting: the popularity of this FC makes fans place their predictions on their favourite team. ManCity usually has good winning odds – it’s priced at 8/15 format, meaning the probability of winning is around 65%. The football club provides amazing opportunities for punters: the variety of lucrative odds can bring amazing profits.

It doesn’t seem anyone will be able to move Manchester City off the pedestal. The future Premier League 2024 offers 8/11, meaning that 11 outcomes of 19 are beneficial for those betting on the football team. The football clubs’ overall revenue is growing annually: for instance, it reached $815 million in 2022 – the highest figure globally.



The professional football club based in Liverpool experienced significant losses in the past years – its profits fell from $146 million in 2021 to $115 million in 2022. However, it’s still a lucrative team to bet on! For instance, Everton was considered an underdog during the meeting with Brentford but still won the match. The odds reached 4.6, so punters received a significant boost in their initial deposit. Everton has lost a lot during the last seasons, but we are confident it will show a more impressive performance in the future. In any case, betting on the team opens up numerous opportunities, so why not use them?

AC Milan

The Italian team may not be the champion this season, but it still provided punters with insane betting opportunities. The odds for AC Milan in the match against Juventus reached 4.38, bringing risk fans a significant income. Other important events for the FC include meetings with Roma (3.08) and Roma (4.38). The football club’s financial losses reached $25 million in 2023. But still, the team is quite a champion in terms of bet sizes. The following matches of AC Milan can be even more beneficial, so don’t forget to monitor the updates and changes in odds.


This German football club cannot compete with giants like Manchester City in terms of performance and boast such successes. However, it’s a valuable betting industry player. Most punters would rather place their bet on another FC, but in vain! Mainz was impressive in a match against Bayern Munich in 2022 – users could enjoy a 10.2 coefficient to boost their initial stake. The following match between the two football clubs has even higher odds; those betting on Mainz can enjoy an 11.9x boost if the team wins. Another lucrative offer was available during the meeting with RB Leipzig: a 7.87 coefficient was juicy for those who risked!


Collaborations of this French FC with gambling operators significantly raised the demand for the team’s matches. Moreover, such partnerships are quite profitable for Nice! Last year, the football club made around $14.1 million in revenue, beating Lille and PSG. The team's most lucrative odd was a 5.35 coefficient in a match against PSG – and Nice won it!

Final Insight

Sports clubs and bookmakers are connected, and this interaction brings millions. Engagement in betting activities is beneficial for football teams, as they get additional profits and increased attention from the audience. It’s important to take a closer look at both markets, following all the updates and changes.

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