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How to Become an Esport Player in Kenya

How to Become an Esport Player in Kenya

15th May, 2022 @ 01:39 am

How to Become an Esport Player in Kenya


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Although the gaming industry isn't that big in Kenya, it's growing massively. Interest in gaming and all its related activities like esports seem to attract the attention of gamers and enthusiasts alike in Kenya.


For those who are game and esport lovers, It's a dream of game lovers, players and enthusiasts alike to become esport players, especially in Kenya. The question "how to be an esport player" gets searched, especially by Kenyans. Still, enthusiasts and gamers also search Esports betting - How to bet on Esports in Kenya, which shows the extent of interest, and it's all the more reason why esport is essential.


Esport in its entirety


Esport, as the name implies, is an electronic sport. It's the act of competing by playing video games. Games usually played on esport are multiplayer video games; professional gamers play these games. Usually, there's an organisation in esport competitions because players play in teams.


Esport grew in popularity when professional players began to live stream competitions amongst themselves. Today, esport has many fans, with over 400 million people viewing the esports competition.


Most games in esport competition include; Counter-Strike, Valorant, Dota, Overwatch, Street Fighter etc. And the genres played are FPS, a multiplayer online battle arena, battle royale, real-time strategy, etc.


How to Become an Esport Player


Find your Motivation


If you're motivated to play esport, you'll get good at it. Being motivated doesn't just matter in esport. Even in life, you need to feel motivated. But for esport things like competition, the sense of team spirit, or even just the love for the game can be a motivating factor.


Whatever your motivations are, make sure they keep you motivated. As you continually involve yourself in competitions feeling motivated, you get to be a better player over time. But if you feel motivated by money and fame, becoming a pro player might be difficult. As those aren't real motivators.


Select your Game


When selecting a game to compete in, you need to consider two things: determining a well-established game and a coming match to play. Here's why. When you choose a well-established game, you get access to many resources any professional gamer would need.


These resources include attractive prices, sponsored tournaments, dedicated player bases etc. The only cons of selecting an established game are that it might be tough to win games being a new player.


On the other hand, if you select new games to compete in, it's easier to get an opportunity to help the game grow by playing it, and you can quickly grow as a professional player as the game becomes popular. Founding players of games like PUBG have become famous for playing the game. But, the cons of selecting a non-popular game are that competition is low and, in turn, can make the game not grow very popular. Choosing a game you genuinely love playing is as important as competing.


Join the Esport Community


The Esport community has certain cultures, and it's essential to understand these cultures to thrive as a pro player. You could join forums or follow social media pages or groups other pro players follow; by doing this, you get more experience and socialise with other pro players that inspire you - those closely aligned to your career goals.


More so, you get to enjoy socialising with other players, make new friends and learn new things that can help in advancing your career. All esport related items are in online communities, groups and forums, and following up on them is essential for your job. Another reason to keep up with communities is that you get motivated.


Gear up and Practise


Purchase the proper hardware to play your games. These gears include the perfect monitor, PC, mouse, keyboard etc. When done, practice by playing games, learn gaming strategies, win competitions, by all means, top the chart, and become a well-known player.


Find a Team to Compete


When you're well known as a fierce competitor and player, join a team. When you enter a group, you get to play with more experienced players, and doing that makes you learn from them; you know new things and, in turn, become more experienced.




In all, becoming a professional sport requires a lot of hard work and dedication, so you've got to have a strong desire to win and learn the principles of esport gaming.